Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm Basically an Author Now.....

I've never been one for brevity. It's well known. I can turn a 3 minute story into 30. Thank me later for the enlightening details. But I enjoy story telling none the less. I love the details. My life is no better or more entertaining than anyone else's, but I often find myself in comical or funny situations. For years I've written about them on Facebook. Remember when Facebook made you keep a status under a 160 characters or something stupid? That was my own personal Hell. Which is also probably why I've never really gotten into tweeting or "twitting" as my mom once said to me. Telling me I need to keep things under 140 is basically the same as telling me to go stick my head under water and fight for air. Anywho, now Facebook doesn't make you do that nonsense anymore, but I still sometimes cringe at my status after I've written a whole chapter. I mean, my story is obviously hysterical and worth the read, but the word "status" makes me think something short and sweet. I can make it one but not the decide.

So, instead, I've decided to write a blog. The chances of anyone reading it are slim to none, but I'm cool with that. I basically want it to be able to go back and look at later. To be able to remember and look back on the memories 20 years from now when things aren't as clear anymore. Something that will be written down so my family always has those stories.

Two years ago my grandma passed away. She was basically the defining figure in my life. And if you knew her, you know where I came up with the title of this blog. During the two weeks surrounding her death, my family all came together. In such a sad time, we all had so much fun together and made memories that I wouldn't trade for anything. There were so many funny, bittersweet and loving memories we made during those two weeks, that I always told myself I'd write them down and make a book out of them. When I say "book" it could also be a binder. I don't consider myself a pro or anything...but like I said....if you know me, you know I love to talk. I did write down all those memories in a bullet points version.....but I have yet to actually write out the full stories. I hope with time that I can actually get those stories on this blog. If for nothing else, for myself, so that I never forget how special those two weeks were to me.

Since then, I've graduated school and moved home. I don't have a real job or anything. Who needs one of those, eh? I'm having a little trouble figuring out that part of my life. I don't really know what I want to do...which is a real pickle when you're 24 and have been out of school for two years. I haven't had any luck finding a "career" so the time has come for me to figure out what I want to go back to school for to further my education. I'm working on it, but more on that another day.

In the meantime, I live with my grandpa, Bob Ford. He's 89 and "somewhat" set in his ways. In the beginning I didn't know exactly how this would play out. But I've found that it's pretty fabulous. I do his laundry and make his meals and he takes care of me. We're basically besties and he's one of the coolest sidekicks I know. But living with him also provides me with some great entertainment. It's something new every day. I also have my Grandpa Floyd. He's my wingman when I hit the streets. He's the equivalent of Norm on Cheers. Yeah, go and ahead and be jealous. Between them and the rest of my family, I could go on for days. They really are the best. And the funniest. I mean.....I suppose we also could be qualified as a little dysfunctional and a lot country. But.....we are fun. Don't hate.

I also love me some animals. Mostly dogs. But any animal really. I run my own personal zoo on the farm. My family is supportive most days....but let's face it.....I can guarantee they aren't exactly thrilled when I bring my 5 dogs for a visit. Or that I won't turn down a single stray. Hey, we all have our faults people.

I'm no dummy though. I know we won't be here I want to write those down while I have the chance. I hope in the process I can create a place that I can come back to and laugh, cry, and smile at my life. And if any of you fools are silly enough to read it, I hope that you, too, can get a smile and a giggle for your day.

Let the blogging begin!



  1. I can't wait to read this every week! This and you are on sweetheart, blog on!!!

  2. Good job...but like the stories you tell, I only read every other paragraph...just like I only listen to about every 10th word you say. Love you.